Where did my bike lane go?

Bike Lanes Removed

Bike Lanes Removed

Today, a UBSJ cyclists posted the photo you see above on our Facebook page. The photo was taken on Almaden Blvd. looking northward just north of Balbach St. in front of the PWC tower.

Well we immediately asked the city “What’s the story?”, and this was their fast reply.

That one block of Almaden Blvd bike lanes south of Woz/Balbach was
installed in error.

San Jose plans to provide a bikeway connection south under Hwy 280 via 2nd and 3rd Streets since they do not have a freeway interchange.

Almaden Blvd at 280 does have a freeway interchange and one-way loop that is very challenging to bikes. In addition, adding bike lanes on Vine and Almaden south of Hwy 280 are not currently funded.

To avoid the Almaden/280 interchange, Almaden Blvd bicyclists will be able to use the Woz/Balbach/San Salvador bikeway (to be implemented this fiscal year) to planned bike lanes southward on 2nd and 3rd street under 280 (planned for next year). This will be a more bike-friendly route without an interchange.

What are your thoughts on this?

More importantly we have reached the point were the San Jose cyclists need to see the benefits of innovation in communication with a more immediate way. Cyclists must be informed of all bike projects, news, and changes such as these.

Imagine if the city closed a roadway overnight without public notification. We can do better. At the very least the city could have a twitter account to inform the cycling public.

Phone or email your councilperson. Tell them want better communication comming from city hall. In the case of this downtown mishap you council person is Sam Liccardo.

Contact his office at (408) 535-4903 or email at district3@sanjoseca.gov

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